How To Set Google As Homepage On Safari

Google is the card catalog to the modern-day Library of Alexandria. How else can you hope to get to the 4.5 billion pages that sum up pretty much all of human knowledge? If you want to start each new.

While Safari is the only default option on iOS, it’s great that, at the very least, Apple gives you the option to change your default search engine, especially if you’re privacy conscious and don’t.

In a blog post, Google said it plans to phase out support for third-party cookies in the Chrome web browser within two years.

Here’s what you need to know to set your homepage on Safari (as well as Chrome and Firefox, in case that’s your preferred browser): If you want each new window to open on your homepage, you can set.

You can use Google Home as a speaker by pairing it with your smartphone, or by connecting it to your music streaming accounts.

Close out the setting tab and voila! Google is now your homepage. In Safari, locate the cog in the upper right corner of your browser screen and click to reveal a dropdown menu of options. Click on.

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Here’s how to see who’s tracking you across the Web right now – including many set by such ad networks as Taboola and Google’s DoubleClick subsidiary. Firefox’s primary competitor in the market for privacy-enhanced browsing is Safari, and with this update it sets.

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Safari gives you a couple different options.

This will bring up a quick notification asking you if you really want to set this as your home page. Select Yes, and you’re done. The Google homepage is.