Star Gate Universe Cancelled

After the SyFy Channel announced that it had canceled ‘Stargate: Universe,’ the newest series in the popular military science fiction ‘Stargate’ franchise, last month, fans still expected to see.

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‘SGU’ will not return in near future – Plans for a Stargate Universe movie have been canceled. Stargate scribe Brad Wright spoke at the Creation Entertainment’s Official Stargate Convention earlier today, where he revealed that plans for.

Cancelled’ is a word which strikes dread into the heart.

it’d be a blast to drop in on George and the gang again. The TV show: Stargate Universe was a more people-focused show than the rest of the.

Syfy will cancel "Stargate Universe" after its final episodes air in spring, the network announced Thursday. The series, which has ten episodes in the second season, is the only one in the "Stargate".

check it out—the series is a bit darker and less formulaic than past incarnations of the Stargate idea, but I guess people weren’t ready for it. Following low ratings (Season 2 did worse in the.

Both fans and cast members of Stargate Universe are calling on Netflix to pick up the show.

Plans to conclude the story — or at least deal with a cliffhanger — in a movie were later cancelled. Now.

‘Stargate Universe’ canceled – Syfy has confirmed to EW that Stargate Universe has been canceled. The series will air its 10 final episodes this spring. The show, which stars Robert Carlyle and David Blue, is currently in its.

The series seemed to be in danger for the past few weeks, but now it’s official. Today SyFy announced they have canceled Stargate Universe and will not renew the series for a third season. As of now.

Syfy has announced that the current series of Stargate Universe, which is on its mid-season hiatus, will be the last. Stargate Universe will not be renewed for season three. This leaves the second.