Usb Tethering Windows 7

According to Microsoft, there are more than two million Windows Phone 7 licenses sold around the world and 93% of those have found home with satisfied users. Meanwhile the unsatisfied may be.

So, you’re reading that headline, thinking, “But Greg! Microsoft said Windows Phone 7 won’t support USB tethering at launch!” You’re right, they did. And it doesn’t. At least, most Windows Phone 7.

Samsung Focus Hack Enables Windows Phone 7 Tethering – Officially, Windows Phone 7 doesn’t allow tethering, but for the Samsung Focus, there’s a shadier workaround. The folks at Mobility Digest and Samsung figured out how to unlock USB tethering.

After discovering the option in Samsung’s Focus and Omnia 7 late last year, engineering minds over at xda-developers have now uncovered a method to allow USB internet tethering on HTC’s smattering of.

Wasn’t the recently launched Windows Phone 7 platform missing support for USB tethering? As it turns out, it packs that after all – some guys managed to enable it on a Samsung Omnia 7. The Windows.

For international users (with the Omnia 7), you may need to enter additional commands by following.

Remember that doing this will disable synchronisation via Zune software (via USB). However, WiFi.

Richard is at a Microsoft-hosted event right now, from where he reports: Official Word — Windows Phone 7 will support USB tethering, carriers can NOT charge extra, above the data plan.” That’s pretty.

Windows Phone 7 USB tethering uncovered on Samsung phones – but it seems like Windows Phone 7 is perfectly capable of performing the USB tethering task. Let us know how you get along in the comments below! All products recommended by Engadget are selected by.

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