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Administrative Templates Intune is Microsoft’s mobile management service for PCs and mobile devices (Android and iOS), as well as mobile applications.

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Not only are our applications full-featured with multi-modal communications and collaboration capabilities, but we also have built a complete, 100-percent administrative touch.

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Searching on what’s new in Windows 10 renders an almost unending series of articles about the new Cortana digital assistant feature, Control Panel, clever Continuum UI, tighter Xbox.

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Phase One: Centralized Identity (administrative control by a single authority or.

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San Francisco, CA — LogDNA, a log management platform that enables engineering and DevOps teams to monitor all of their system and application logs in a centralized.

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The next frontier of AI in healthcare – AI may be included in an existing application or integrated with applications in a.

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The SharePoint Admin Center in Office 365 will be getting the ability to create Hub Sites, and it’ll have administrative.

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Implementing Change Healthcare Solutions into Cerner’s EHR will line up clinical and financial information to cut costs and improve administrative burden.

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