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Linux-based Steam OS may add support for Windows games – This week a group of Redditors noticed some code in Steam’s GUI files suggesting that Valve is working on something called Steam Play that offers “compatibility tools” that will let you “play games.

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Why Apple’s macOS Mojave requires Metal – and deprecates OpenGL – More specifically, Metal is Apple’s hardware-accelerated 3D graphics and compute framework, standard library and GPU shading language.” “Lack of support for Metal graphics is why some of the Macs that.

Vulkan is a sexy new 3D Rendering API that promises to manage.

with the confirmation coming, obscurely enough, via a Reddit AMA with the Pixel C team a few months back. During the discussion,

Last year, Google’s Android team hosted an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit’s.

to standardize certain libraries and packages so they can be updated independently of platform updates. Some have.

Yesterday the Android team went live on Reddit to field any questions users had about Android.

with what you see in the not too distant future. Will the Nexus 9 get Vulkan support? Anwar: N9 will.

It is fully Android runtime-compatible. It is totally interoperable with your existing code. It has fabulous IDE support and it’s mature and production-ready from day one." Many members of the Reddit.