Change Firefox Cache Location

(On a given page, use Tools > Page Info, click the Permissions tab, and modify the settings for Access Your Location.) Firefox has a somewhat florid prompt. You can change permissions for a site only.

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The latest release of Mozilla Firefox includes several privacy improvements, including blocking untrusted sites from using the camera, microphone, and location data.

A second major privacy.

Change location settings on Android Devices Open “Settings.” Scroll down and tap “Location” or “Advanced” if you have a work.

Here’s a look at all of what’s new in Firefox 59: Faster load times for content on the Firefox Home page Faster page load times by loading either from the networked cache or the cache.


In this Windows 10 guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to get started with the new version of Microsoft Edge, whether you’re coming from the legacy version or another browser, such as Chrome or.

That other place is the special string about:config, which can be typed in the Firefox Location.

buffer cache. You might not want that if you’re running and Firefox simultaneously.

Like most modern browsers, Firefox uses a cache folder to save content items that it has downloaded from the Web. You may wish to change the folder or drive that.

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Mozilla is promising faster load times for content on the Firefox home page, as well as faster page loads by loading either from the networked cache or the cache on the.

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Firefox 36 – How to set the maximum cache size – We have already learned how to change the location of the temporary files folder of Firefox. This time we will see how to configure the size of the cache to our liking. A larger cache implies that a.