Problem Event Name: Bex

“There does seem to be a problem.

political event in 2014. The 27-year-old said she informed Labour whips at the time of the incident. Labour said at the time of the Telegraph report that it had.

Heidi Anderson: my advice on how to stay on the wagon – It was a woman by the name of Rebecca.

During the event, if you feel tempted to drink, think of how much you’ll enjoy your after-party or morning-after treat with a clear head and a proud, happy.

Labour have vowed to investigate after Bex Bailey revealed she was assaulted in 2011 but.

“I was seriously sexually assaulted at a Labour Party event – it wasn’t an MP – but someone who was more.

Labour activist Bex Bailey said she was raped at a party event in 2011 by a more senior party member but.

It might be that that was the case, in which case that shows that we have a serious problem.

The papers: Labour ‘covered up’ rape claims – A Labour activist has revealed that she was raped at a party event as a teenager but was urged not to report it, reports the Daily Record. The Times also leads with the story and writes that.

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Coexist director Bex Baxter told the Bristol Post.

Valuing Natural Cycles in the Workplace.” The event, led by women’s leadership coach Alexandra Pope, states in its description, “The purpose of.

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Her name was Bex Bailey.

doubt that some of that was down to the hard work of young people like Bex. We now know that just a year later, Bex claims she was raped at a Labour event by a party worker.