What Is Bonjour For Windows Do I Need It?

Bonjour printing is a technology that was introduced, supported and popularized by Apple. Businesses that use Bonjour can share printers on their networks without having to go through a great deal of.

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you will need to do a Repair install of Bonjour for Windows in order to get the proper Java Bonjour libraries. To do a Repair install, go to the “Add or Remove Programs” Control Panel, select Bonjour.

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Beware of hackers exploiting iTunes to plant ransomware – Once the hub for all media on Macs, the program was recently split into three separate apps with all of the features and none of the bloat — but the story is different with iTunes on Windows 10.

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includes a Bonjour Printer Wizard that walks you through setting up a Bonjour printer in Windows.

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