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While fans are excitedly counting down the hours for the 23rd season of The Bachelor, former contestants are taking a walk.

And yet, as the country simmers at fault lines, I sit here at my keyboard.

All this I encounter in my immediate circle,

Crossing a genre meant to frighten with one meant to create joy sounds like a dangerous contradiction, yet horror-comedy.

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That’s obviously not the fault of the script, which is faithfully adapted by Tom Hooper and Lee Hall.

Instead, the song.

‘I Was Abducted:’ One Woman’s Mission To Remember Her Past – Amory: What happened next is another blurry part of Monique’s memory about the abduction. But she thinks she and the other.

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and some may never see the light of day at all, but that’s fine, because at least we took.

MILWAUKEE — Maybe it wasn’t David Fizdale’s fault. Fizdale was out as coach one game after a 44-point blowout loss.

Between your injuries, emotions, and the checklist of ensuing tasks, it can be hard to know what to do after a car accident .